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H20 Audio Amphibx

Waterproof MP3 Player Armband

For Medium MP3 Players

(Fits iPod Nano 7th Generation)


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Product Discontinued

amphibx waterproof mp3 armband


Suitable for many small and medium iPods such as the iPod Nano 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th Gen and Shuffle range. Also fits many other MP3 player makes and models. Please see size guide.

  • Amphibx provides a fully integrated, wearable, watersports music solution. Its unique shape and specialized materials have been designed to comfortably grip your arm while you're dropping in, cutting back or wiping out.
  • LatchTight™ Locking Closure
  • Provides a 100% watertight and secure seal up to 12ft/3.6m underwater (when paired with Surge H2O Audio Waterproof headphones)
  • ClearTouch Window™
  • Enables full operation of touch and click wheel controls
  • SealTight™ Connector
  • Compatible with standard 3.5mm headphone plugs
  • Dual Flex Rings
  • Adjustable strap fits practically any arm size
  • Designed to float even with a device inside
  • Fits medium iPods (All the nanos (inc 5th Gen) & shuffle ranges), MP3 Players, & Phones
  • Maximum Width 2.36in / 60mm
    Maximum Height 3.93in / 100mm
    Maximum Depth .70in / 18mm
  • Surge™ Waterproof Headphones are sold separately

amphibx waterproof mp3 armband

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