Finis Swimp3.2G – Macintosh PC Bug Correction – Finis Firmware Update

by Chris Billingham on April 14, 2012

UPDATE 23/4/12

Finis Europe is holding back stock until this issue  is resolved. Hence all new stock should work OK with any Macintosh PC’s when it is released later this month or in May 2012

Finis Swimp3.2G – Macintosh PC Bug Correction – Firmware Update – 14/4/12

It appears from a feedback from a customer early in March 2012 about a SwiMP3.2G she had received from us, that there was a problem with using the SWIMP3.2G with her Macintosh computer.

This was confirmed by Finis USA later in March 2012 by email when we raised the issue with Finis, that certain Macintosh computers cause problems with playing MP3 files in sequence that have been loaded onto the SWIMP3.2G

Finis have issued a firmware update for their SWIMP3.2G to solve this issue & details of the problem & solution are recorded below.

If you have  received a SWIMP3.2G unit from ourselves that will not work with your particular Macintosh PC we sincerely apologize in advance for the inconvenience this may cause.  We can  help you update the unit yourself  with the firmware fix below or take the unit back  & update it our end & return it to you asap at no cost.

finis-swimp3.2g -small

Excerpt Of Email From Manager at Finis USA To Our Customer

” The issue is that some but not all MAC systems would corrupt the files by adding a (.) in in front of the songs only allowing the ones without them to play. It was in a a sense confusing the player thinking that the songs with the (.) were not formatted correctly. We were working closely with the chip processor factory on this as we could not pin point which exact MAC system that had created the issue. It would not happen consistently with the same system nor could we replicate it with the MAC systems we had. It was literally a fluke thing with certain systems.

When Chris (Swimmer Ltd) loaded the songs he more then likely did it with a PC, which allowed the unit to work until you reformatted or loaded songs. This is also why the units passed our intense QC checks. So, in order to fix the issue we we created a firmware upgrade similar to a iphone upgrade that corrected the issue. We also posted the issue on our blog and support site and we we did not want to hide the issue, but inform and support our customers and correct it for them.

Email From Tech Support At Finis To Swimmer Ltd

Firmware updates have to be done on a PC.

First you will need to download the zipped file using the link below: (follow instructions underneath the links)

And here is the firmware you will need to upload

Unzip the file and save the entire file contents to your desktop. Within the saved file, double-click the “Setup.exe” which has a picture of a computer screen and disk to start the install. This will install the “Media Player Mass Product Tool” program onto the computer that will be doing the updating.

You will be able to find this program in your start menu my searching “Mass” Next you will need to save the attached firmware file (SwiMP3Betax4.fw) to your desktop. Make sure it is on your desktop and then leave it there do not open the file.

Next you will need to launch the “Mass Product Tool” program by searching on your start menu and plug in the swimp3 and “locate the USB port” then next hit Import Firmware.

A search window will pop up with a button with three periods … inside and click that and search for the swimp3betafw file and hit open and then replace and confirm.

Once you have the firmware imported and linked properly within the program, then you will not need to do it again. You are now ready to update SwiMP3’s. Once it is found, click the big “Download” button and the firmware will be updated on the SwiMP3 device. It should say “success” and you are done (it’s pretty simple at this point).

You can unplug the unit and plug in a new one to be updated. You can also update multiple players at once. You will see connected:1 passed:1 and then now allow the unit to charge.

Thank you,

Finis Technical Support



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