Waterproof MP3 player will not play songs? Changing the iTunes Library AAC file format to a MP3 file format.

by Chris Billingham on November 18, 2009

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Regarding your Waterproof MP3 Player not playing files.

Please make sure its .MP3 audio files you are putting on your Waterproof MP3 Player?

When you view the files using Windows file manager (Explorer) can you see if the file extension is a .MP3 ?

To find .MP3 files on your PC right click the green ‘start button’ at bottom left of your PC screen and select ‘the Search’ option. Then type  *.MP3  in the search text box (where it says  all or part of file name)  or  tick the check box that says search for music.

This will locate any .MP3 files you have on the computer and should examine each drive & folder in turn searching for any audio file that end with a  .MP3 extension.

Apple iPod MP3 players will play MP3 & AAC Files.

Most MP3 players usually play only MP3 & WMA files.

If you are using the iTunes library to get your songs please read on… else skip this bit.

In the iTunes library the default file format is called AAC & you will have to convert the AAC files to .MP3 file format to get them to play on most MP3 players (other than an Apple iPod).

There are two types of AAC File formats.  Protected (AAC M4P)  and unprotected (AAC M4A).

Protected (AAC M4P) songs have Digital Rights Music (DRM) encryption to stop the sharing of files. They only allow for copying onto 5 other machines that the user authorises. They will only play on an iPod MP3 players.

However since 2007 on the iTunes store you can get unprotected songs (AAC M4A) with no restrictions on how you use the songs for personal use or which type of MP3 player you choose to play them on.

You can convert the unprotected AAC Files in the iTunes library to MP3 files by right clicking the desired songs and selecting ‘Create MP3 Version’ . They will then play on any MP3 player.

These unprotected songs are found in the iTunes Plus section of the iTunes store. To find them click the  iTunes Plus link in the Quick Links section at the top right column on the iTunes Store  homepage.

When you click on the iTunes Plus link  iTunes will search your current song collection (and if available in the iTunes Plus store) it will offer to upgrade your protected (DRM) songs which you already own to unprotected songs for a small fee.

Older songs typically imported from audio CD files into an the iTunes library are normally of the unprotected type. Hence you can use your unprotected songs in your CD collection by importing them in MP3 format to the iTunes library and then transfer and play them on any MP3 player.

To import music in MP3 format go to  iTunes Preferences (Under Edit Menu for Windows Users) select ‘General icon’ & then click the ‘Import Settings Button’ and from ‘Import Using’ menu choose ‘MP3 Encoder’.

Moreover if the DRM on the protected AAC files purchased via the iTunes store does not stop you from burning it to a CD, you could try just that and then re-ripping the same track in non DRM format, i.e. MP3. You should then be able  to play it on any MP3 player. However you may be breaking the terms of your license agreement.

Hence it may be more practical if your looking for a source of legal MP3 downloads that will play on any MP3 player, to go to a store that tends to offer unprotected DRM free songs like Amazon.

Please click the ‘Amazon Music Store’ picture widget below to access over 8 million DRM free songs.

Chris Billingham
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Chris Billingham December 7, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Moreover you can convert your iTunes music to play on your MP3 Player.

We recommend a free converter called Freemake Video converter for this
purpose see link for info

Also http://www.freemake.com/how_to/

Hope this helps


Chris Billingham December 7, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Also see this Finis SwiMP3 power point slide show on it change iTunes AAC Files to MP3 files


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