Comparison Waterproof MP3 Player Cases For iPod Shuffle. H20 Audio 3rd Gen Shuffle Vs 2nd Gen Shuffle Interval System.

by Chris Billingham on November 16, 2009

Customer Question (Nov 2009)

I’m keen to purchase the interval system and I have not yet bought the ipod to go with it. So at the moment I’m veering from interval 2nd gen to 3rd gen and back again. One of the problems I have with 3rd gen ipod shuffle is that it has the control on the headphones and under normal use (not swimming) I would have problem as normal bud headphones don’t fit in my ears. I need the inner ear type.

The H20 Audio Third Gen Shuffle Interval System comes with two style of ear bud one of which is black not blue and is more elongated this may fit your ears as in the picture below

H20 Audio Interval 3G Waterproof Headphone System Earplugs

H20 Audio Interval 3G Waterproof Headphone System Earplugs

However I will probably using it mostly for swimming so I’m interested mainly in the experience I’ll get from your system. My key question is whether the 3rd gen version is a marked improvement from the 2nd gen model?

 When I asked why the H20 Audio 3rd Gen Shuffle Interval System was more expensive than the 2nd Gen Shuffle at outset of October 2009 the guys who import them into the UK from H2O Audio USA said they had examined them and found they are a lot better in terms of build construction than the 2nd Gen shuffle & that because of the technology involved in voice recognition that the cost is also justifiable

Is the sound quality much better?

I believe the sound is mostly dependent on the speakers quality in the waterproof headphones & I suspect they are the same surge type of waterproof headphone speakers as in the 2nd Gen shuffle interval system. However the speakers may have a better acoustic range if they are a newer model of

waterproof headphones. The acoustic range in the 3rd Gen interval surge speakers are as follows

Driver Type/Size Dynamic/8mm

Magnet Type NdFeB

Frequency Response 18-20,000Hz

Impedance 16Ω

Max Input Power 5Mw

Moreover H20 Audio 3rd Gen Shuffle Interval System comes with a greater range of earbud styles (7 as opposed to 5 in 2nd Gen model) so this should help with sound delivery dependent on your ear and it size for fit. The acoustic range in the 2nd Gen Speakers are probably the same but this is an excerpt of a review from ilounge of the H20 Audio 2nd Gen Shuffle Interval System Surge Speakers . I don’t think you will be disappointed with the sound quality whichever you choose…

(excerpt of a ilounge review)

To make a point previously found in the Surge review, these earbuds are excellent by waterproof earphone standards: as we said last year, “”the sonic difference [between Surge and prior models] is considerable: what you hear is legitimately balanced, clear sound, complete with ample bass and none of the tinny, shrill emptiness that typically characterizes waterproof headphones.””

H20 Audio  Waterproof-Headphone-System-Interval-2G

H20 Audio Waterproof-Headphone-System-Interval-2G

I like the look of the controls on the 2nd gen. Are the 3rd gen ones the same?  Presumable you have skip /pause and volume ?

I have looked at the pictures and there are 3 blue buttons on the 3rd Gen Shuffle. The 2nd Gen Shuffle worked on click wheel and all you needed to do is remember the button configuration-up for volume up, down for volume down, left for track back, and right for track forward.

I assume that the 3rd Gen it would have all these functions at a minimum and perhaps more.. I will look a the packaging and see if there is any more info on this & if you call me on 07984 180 799 I can confirm this too you before you make a decision

Apart from this and ergonomics would you be able to give me any other reasons to go for the later model.

The UK importer reckons the clasp & general build of case is stronger on 3rd Gen Interval system and less prone to breaking. This was a problem on the 2nd Gen Interval system and is the reason why we have had some returns in the past for replacement when the clasps snapped off.

Hope this helps here is link to the H2O Audio website with specifications and an image for the 3rd Gen shuffle interval system

H2O Audio Interval 3G Waterproof Headphones

H2O Audio Interval 3G Waterproof Headphones


             Chris Billingham

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