About Us Swimmer Ltd

The company ‘Swimmer Ltd’ was founded in 2006 by Chris Billingham.  Chris enjoyed using the  SwiMP3 waterproof MP3 player so much during his swimming sessions  in 2005 that he decided to distribute the product in the UK.

Chris says: “I really enjoyed going swimming in the pool and listening to music underwater. It was a joyful experience hearing  “America’s Ventura Highway’  kick in as I pushed off the side of the pool for my first length surrounded by the shimmering blue light reflecting  through the water.

I would swim for about ten tracks  (about half an hour) without really noticing the time passing, my mind absorbed by the music, relaxed and oblivious to everything else. I realised that swimming was no longer boring and began to look forward to my time gliding underwater listening to my favourite songs.

To date Swimmer Ltd has served thousands of satisfied customers. We try our best to support our customers with any problems they encounter using our products and guarantee a refund or a replacement of any goods that are not fit for purpose.

Our customers have included english channel swimmers, synchronized swimmers, recreational swimmers and triatheletes.

Our company motto is “If your ship doesn’t come in swim out to it”


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